(2013/12/09 19:35), Pavel Stehule wrote:

2013/12/9 KONDO Mitsumasa <kondo.mitsum...@lab.ntt.co.jp

    Hi Fabrízio,

    I test your v4 patch, and send your review comments.

    * Fix typo
     > 49 -# commited transactions from the master, specify a recovery time 
     > 49 +# committed transactions from the master, specify a recovery time 

    * Fix white space
     > 177 -               if (secs <= 0 && microsecs <=0)
     > 177 +               if (secs <= 0 && microsecs <=0 )

    * Add functionality (I propose)
    We can set negative number at min_standby_apply_delay. I think that this 
    is for world wide replication situation. For example, master server is in
    Japan and slave server is in San Francisco. Japan time fowards than San
    Francisco time
    . And if we want to delay in this situation, it can need negative number in
    min_standby_apply_delay. So I propose that time delay conditional branch
    change under following.
     > - if (min_standby_apply_delay > 0)
     > + if (min_standby_apply_delay != 0)
    What do you think? It might also be working collectry.

what using interval instead absolute time?
This is because local time is recorded in XLOG. And it has big cost for calculating global time.

Mitsumasa KONDO
NTT Open Source Software Center

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