On 27 Sep 2002 at 1:12, Justin Clift wrote:

> Shridhar Daithankar wrote:
> As a curiosity point, how predictable are the queries you're going to be
> running on your database?  They sound very simple and very predicatable.

Mostly predictable selects. Not a domain expert on telecom so not very sure. 
But in my guess prepare statement in 7.3 should come pretty handy. i.e. by the 
time we finish evaluation and test deployment, 7.3 will be out in next couple 
of months to say so. So I would recommend doing it 7.3 way only..
> The pg_autotune tool might be your friend here.  It can deal with
> arbitrary SQL instead of using the pg_bench stuff of Tatsuos, and it can
> also deal with an already loaded database.  You'd just have to tweak the
> names of the tables that it vacuums and the names of the indexes that it
> reindexes between each run, to get some idea of your overall server
> performance at different load points.
> Probably worth taking a good look at if you're not afraid of editing
> variables in C code.  :)

Gladly. We started with altering pgbench here for testing and rapidly settled 
to perl generated random queries. Once postgresql wins the evaluation match and 
things come to implementation, pg_autotune would be a handy tool. Just that 
can't do it right now. Have to fight mysql and SAP DB before that..

BTW any performance figures on SAP DB? People here are as it frustrated with it 
with difficulties in setting it up. But still..

> > We will be attempting raiserfs and/or XFS if required. I know how much speed
> > difference exists between resiserfs and ext2. Would not be surprised if
> > everythng just starts screaming in one go..
> We'd all probably be interested to hear this.  Added the PostgreSQL
> "Performance" mailing list to this thread too, Just In Case. (wow that's
> a lot of cross posting now).

I know..;-) Glad that PG list does not have strict policies like no non-
subscriber posting or no attachments.. etc.. 

IMO reiserfs, though journalling one, is faster than ext2 etc. because the way 
it handles metadata. Personally I haven't come across ext2 being faster than 
reiserfs on few machine here for day to day use.

I guess I should have a freeBSD CD handy too.. Just to give it a try. If it 
comes down to a better VM.. though using 2.4.19 here.. so souldn't matter 

I will keep you guys posted on file system stuff... Glad that we have much 
flexibility with postgresql..


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