On 5 Jan 2014 14:54, "Mark Dilger" <markdil...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am building a regression test system for replication and came across
> this email thread.  I have gotten pretty far into my implementation, but
> would be happy to make modifications if folks have improvements to
> suggest.  If the community likes my design, or a modified version based
> on your feedback, I'd be happy to submit a patch.

This sounds pretty cool. The real trick will be in testing concurrent
behaviour -- I.e. queries on the slave when it's replaying logs at a
certain point. But right now we have nothing so anything would be an

>  This is possible all on one system because the database clusters
> are chroot'ed to see their own /data directory and not the /data directory
> of the other chroot'ed clusters, although the rest of the system, like
> and /etc and /dev are all bind mounted and visible to each cluster.

This isn't necessary. You can use the same binaries and run initdb with a
different location just fine. Then start up the database with -D to specify
the directory.

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