Andres Freund-3 wrote
> On 2014-01-06 09:12:03 -0800, Mark Dilger wrote:
>> The reason I was going to all the trouble of creating
>> chrooted environments was to be able to replicate
>> clusters that have tablespaces.  Not doing so makes
>> the test code simpler at the expense of reducing
>> test coverage.
>> I am using the same binaries.  The chroot directories
>> are not "chroot jails".  I'm intentionally bind mounting
>> out to all the other directories on the system, except
>> the other clusters' data directories and tablespace
>> directories.  The purpose of the chroot is to make the
>> paths the same on all clusters without the clusters
>> clobbering each other.
> I don't think the benefit of being able to test tablespaces without
> restarts comes even close to offsetting the cost of requiring sudo
> permissions and introducing OS dependencies. E.g. there's pretty much no
> hope of making this work sensibly on windows.
> So I'd just leave out that part.

Only skimming this thread but even if only a handful of buildfarm animals
can run this extended test bundle because of the restrictive requirements it
is likely better than discarding them altogether.  The main thing in this
case is to segregate out this routine so that it has to be invoked
explicitly and ideally in a "ignore if pre-reqs are missing" manner.

Increasing the likelihood and frequency of test runs in what is a fairly
popular platform and that covers non-OS specific code as well has benefits. 
As long at it doesn't poison anything else I don't see that much harm coming
of it.

David J.

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