Per the Developer Meeting, we are scheduled to do a final triage of 9.4
patches the week before CF4 starts, which is *now*.  The goal of this
triage is to divide patches already in queue into 5 groups:

1) Good To Go: patches which are 100% ready for final testing and commit.

2) Needs a Little Work: smaller patches which can be included in 9.4 if
they get a few hours of love from a committer or major hacker.

3) Big Patches: big, important patches which will need a major time
committement to commit even though they are 90% ready, just due to size.

4) Not Nearly Ready: Patches which need major work and/or spec
discussions before commitment.

5) WIP: any patch which is acknowledged just there for review, or any
brand-new patch which wasn't in CF3 and is non-trivial.

Obviously, any patches in groups 4 and 5 aren't going into 9.4.  The
idea is to handle patches in CF4 in this order:

1. do immediately

2. do after (1) is complete

3. assign 1 senior hacker reviewer to each patch

4. review as time permits after 1-3

5. review as time permits after 1-3

Let the triage begin!

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL Experts Inc.

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