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The point remains that you need to duplicate it into every process that
want to use it subsequently, so it makes sense to DuplicateHandle into the
parent, and then to advertise that  handle value publicly so that other
processes can DuplicateHandle it back into their own process.
Well, right now we just reopen the same object from all of the
processes, which seems to work fine and doesn't require any of this
complexity.  The only problem I don't know how to solve is how to make
a segment stick around for the whole postmaster lifetime.  If
duplicating the handle into the postmaster without its knowledge gets
us there, it may be worth considering, but that doesn't seem like a
good reason to rework the rest of the existing mechanism.
I think one has to try this to see if it works as per the need. If it's not
urgent, I can try this early next week?
Anything we want to get into 9.4 has to be submitted by next Tuesday,
but I don't know that we're going to get this into 9.4.

I wonder what is the intended use case of dynamic shared memory?
Is is primarly oriented on PostgreSQL extensions or it will be used also in PosatgreSQL core? In case of extensions, shared memory may be needed to store some collected/calculated information which will be used by extension functions.

The main advantage of DSM (from my point of view) comparing with existed mechanism of preloaded extension is that it is not necessary to restart server to add new extension requiring shared memory. DSM segment can be attached or created by _PG_init function of the loaded module. But there will be not so much sense in this mechanism if this segment will be deleted when there are no more processes attached to it. So to make DSM really useful for extension it needs some mechanism to pin segment in memory during all server/extension lifetime.

May be I am wrong, but I do not see some reasons for creating multiple DSM segments by the same extension. And total number of DSM segments is expected to be not very large (<10). The same is true for synchronization primitives (LWLocks for example) needed to synchronize access to this DSM segments. So I am not sure if possibility to place locks in DSM is really so critical... We can just reserved some space for LWLocks which can be used by extension, so that LWLockAssign() can be used without RequestAddinLWLocks or RequestAddinLWLocks can be used not only from preloaded extension.

IMHO the main trouble with DSM is lack of guarantee that segment is always mapped to the same virtual address. Without such guarantee it is not possible to use direct (normal) pointers inside DSM.
But there seems to be no reasonable solution.

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