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> Hi Steeve,
> Il 09/01/14 22:38, Steeve Lennmark ha scritto:
> > I'm a barman user myself so that was actually my initial thought.
> Ah! Very good!
> > If there aren't some kind of hidden internal that I've missed I don't see
> > a way to convert an OID (only have OID and path at this stage) to a
> > tablespace name. This solution, even though not optimal, is a lot
> > better than my initial one where I used the OID directly.
> Try:
> SELECT spcname, oid, pg_tablespace_location(oid) FROM pg_tablespace
That would require a second connection to the database. You cannot run that
query from the walsender session. And that's exactly the issue that Steeve
pointed out in his first email.

I think it's better to let pg_basebackup work at the lower level, and then
leave it to  higher level tools to be able to do the mapping to names.

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