On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 6:58 PM, Steeve Lennmark

> Currently pg_basebackup is pretty invasive when using tablespaces, at
> least using the plain format. This since it requires the tablespace to
> be written to the same location as on the server beeing backed up. This
> both breaks backing up locally using -Fp (since the tablespace would
> be written to the same location) and requires the backup user to have
> write permissions in locations it shouldn't need to have access to.

Yeah, this has been sitting on my TODO for a long time :) Glad to see
someone is picking it up.

This patch adds the ability to relocate tablespaces by adding the
> command line argument --tablespace (-T) which takes a required argument
> in the format "oid:tablespacedir". After all tablespaces are fetched
> this code updates the symlink to point to the new tablespace location.
> I would have loved to be able to pass tablespacename:tablespacedir
> though, but sadly I wasn't able to figure out how to retrieve that
> information without creating another connection to the database.

You could also use the format "olddir:newdir", because you do know that.
It's not the name of the tablespace. but I think it's still more
usefriendly than using the oid.

This feature might be missing because of some other limitation I fail
> to see, if so let me know. Please be gentle, this is my first patch ;-)

Nope, I think it's just been limited on time.

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