>> The portal "portal19528" was created by a bind message (pgpool-II uses
>> the identical name as the named statement) then subsequent
>> exec_bind_message failed to find the portal. Could it ever happen?
> I'm confused too.  Surely there are lots of ways a portal could get
> dropped, but most of them would have left traces in the postmaster log,
> I'd think, since you evidently have log_statement == LOGSTMT_ALL.
> What was log_min_messages set to?

I don't have it at this moment. I requested the user to give the
log_min_messages setting.

>> According to the user, PostgreSQL version is 8.1.23. Could it be a
>> source of problem?
> However, it's pretty hard to get excited about debugging something
> that happened in a release branch that's been out of support for
> more than three years.

Right. I will ask the user to upgrade to supported versions.

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