On 01/19/2014 11:10 AM, Emre Hasegeli wrote:
I am not convinced an adjacent operator is useful for the inet type, but if
it is included it should be indexed just like -|- of ranges. We should try
to keep these lists of indexed operators the same.

I added it just not to leave negotor field empty. It can also be useful with
exclusion constraints but not with GiST support. I did not add GiST support
for it and the not equals operator because they do not fit the index
structure. I can just remove the operator for now.

Sounds good. None of the other && implementations have a negator.

I think it would be fine just to add the newly indexed operators here, but
the more indexed operators we get in the core the less useful this test

I did not add the new operators to the list because I do not feel right
about supporting <<, <<=, >>, >>= symbols for these operators.
They should be <@, <@=, @>, @>= to be consistent with other types.

I agree, but I am not sure if it is ok to break backward compatibility here.

-- Check that all opclass search operators have selectivity estimators.

Fails due to missing selectivity functions for the operators. I think you
should at least for now do like the range types and use areajoinsel,
contjoinsel, etc for the join selectivity estimation.

I did not support them in the first version because I could not decide
the way. I have better options than using the the geo_selfuncs for these
operators. The options are from simple to complex:

0) just use network_overlap_selectivity
1) fix network_overlap_selectivity with a constant between 0 and 1
2) calculate this constant by using masklens of all buckets of the histogram
3) calculate this constant by using masklens of matching buckets of
    the histogram
    types, calculate this constant with it
5) create another kind of histogram for masklens, calculate this constant
    with it

I do not know how to do 4 or 5, so I will try 3 for the next version. Do you
think it is a good idea?

Solutions 0 and 1 does not really sound better than using geo_selfuncs.

Andreas Karlsson

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