Emre Hasegeli <e...@hasegeli.com> writes:
> How about only removing the inet and the cidr operator classes
> from btree_gist. btree-gist-drop-inet-v2.patch does that.

I'm not sure which part of "no" you didn't understand, but to be
clear: you don't get to break existing installations.

Assuming that this opclass is sufficiently better than the existing one,
it would sure be nice if it could become the default; but I've not seen
any proposal in this thread that would allow that without serious upgrade
problems.  I think the realistic alternatives so far are (1) new opclass
is not the default, or (2) this patch gets rejected.

We should probably expend some thought on a general approach to
replacing the default opclass for a datatype, because I'm sure this
will come up again.  Right now I don't see a feasible way.

                        regards, tom lane

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