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> "MauMau" <maumau...@gmail.com> writes:
>> From: "Tom Lane" <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us>
>>> I'm still not clear on why we can't just use the port number.
>> To use port, we have to tell the location of $PGDATA to regsvr32.exe.
> [ scratches head... ]  Exactly which of the other proposals *doesn't*
> require that?

   Appending it with version number which is compile time constant.

> Certainly anything that involves parsing settings out
> of postgresql.conf will.

   We don't need to parse for default value of event source, it is only
   for case when user gives some specific name to event_source in
   postgresql.conf and it that case, we expect that user provides the
  same name during register command of event source, some thing
  regsvr32 /n /i: PostgreSQL_HEAD <install_dir_path>\lib\pgevent32.dll

  Here point to note is that pgevent.dll never does any parsing or lookup
  for event source name, either user provides it or we use default value.

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