I've often wanted to be able to run "make check" and just have it run the small number of tests I am interested in. Here's a tiny patch along those lines. It creates a new targe which I have called "check-with" for want of a better name. And with it I can do:

   $ make check-with TESTS="json jsonb"

and have it do the temp install etc and then run just those two tests.



diff --git a/GNUmakefile.in b/GNUmakefile.in
index 80116a1..32dd9bf 100644
--- a/GNUmakefile.in
+++ b/GNUmakefile.in
@@ -61,9 +61,9 @@ distclean maintainer-clean:
 # Garbage from autoconf:
 	@rm -rf autom4te.cache/
-check: all
+check check-with: all
-check installcheck installcheck-parallel:
+check check-with installcheck installcheck-parallel:
 	$(MAKE) -C src/test/regress $@
 $(call recurse,check-world,src/test src/pl src/interfaces/ecpg contrib,check)
diff --git a/src/test/regress/GNUmakefile b/src/test/regress/GNUmakefile
index 94762d5..4165a7d 100644
--- a/src/test/regress/GNUmakefile
+++ b/src/test/regress/GNUmakefile
@@ -142,6 +142,9 @@ REGRESS_OPTS = --dlpath=. $(EXTRA_REGRESS_OPTS)
 check: all tablespace-setup
 	$(pg_regress_check) $(REGRESS_OPTS) --schedule=$(srcdir)/parallel_schedule $(MAXCONNOPT) $(TEMP_CONF) $(EXTRA_TESTS)
+check-with: all tablespace-setup
+	$(pg_regress_check) $(REGRESS_OPTS) $(MAXCONNOPT) $(TEMP_CONF) $(TESTS) $(EXTRA_TESTS)
 installcheck: all tablespace-setup
 	$(pg_regress_installcheck) $(REGRESS_OPTS) --schedule=$(srcdir)/serial_schedule $(EXTRA_TESTS)
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