On Sun, Feb 2, 2014 at 2:43 AM, Gabriele Bartolini
<gabriele.bartol...@2ndquadrant.it> wrote:
> Hi Michael and Fujii,
> Il 01/02/14 17:46, Fujii Masao ha scritto:
>> I think that it's OK to add that as TODO item. There might be
>> the system that the speed of WAL archiving is slower than
>> that of WAL generation, at peak time. The DBA of that system
>> might want to monitor the size of archive queue.
> I agree that it is an interesting thing to do. The reason I didn't
> introduce it in the first place was that I did not want to make too many
> changes in this first attempt.
For the time being I have added an item in "Statistics Collector" about that.

>> We can implement this by just counting the files with .ready
>> extension in pg_xlog/archive_status directory. Or we can also
>> implement that by adding new counter field in pg_stat_archiver
>> structure, incrementing it whenever creating .ready file, and
>> decrementing it whenever changing .ready to .done.
> I would love to give it  a shot at the next opportunity.
Will be happy to look at it once you get something.

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