On 2014-02-01 20:03:58 -0500, Tom Lane wrote:
> I think we should give serious consideration to desupporting this
> combination so that we can get rid of the plague of PGDLLIMPORT
> marks.  Obviously this would depend on confirming that there are
> no more-interesting Windows build methods that require it --- but
> if there are any, I'd sure demand that there be an active buildfarm
> instance to keep us from breaking the case again in future.

Weren't there more recent cases of needing to add PGDLLIMPORTs? I
certainly remember pushing code to Craig's jenkins instance which made
me do so for recent msvc
builds... E.g. 7d7eee8bb702d7796a0d7c5886c1f4685f2e2806 and
708c529c7fdeba9387825d746752fc6f439d781e just a few days ago seems to be
some of those cases.


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