Hello, Now I got workable dll thanks for your advice.

> I think both the problems are related and the reason is that dsm_demo.dll
> is not built properly.
> Let us first try to solve your second problem, because I think if
> that is solved, you will not face problem-1.

Thank you for kindness. I got the situation after successfully
getting correct dll by using .def file after your advice.  cl
needs __declspec(dllexport) in the symbol definitions to reveal
them externally, without using .def file.

PostgreSQL platform(?) seems offering a macro PGDLLEXPORT for
such use. I suppose this should be used in extension module dlls
to expose symbols, like this,

- void  _PG_init(void);
- Datum dsm_demo_create(PG_FUNCTION_ARGS);
- Datum dsm_demo_read(PG_FUNCTION_ARGS);
+ PGDLLEXPORT void      _PG_init(void);
+ PGDLLEXPORT Datum     dsm_demo_create(PG_FUNCTION_ARGS);
+ PGDLLEXPORT Datum     dsm_demo_read(PG_FUNCTION_ARGS);

# This hardly seems to be used commonly...

I followed this instruction to make build environemnt,


And the change above enables us to build this module without .def file.


Kyotaro Horiguchi
NTT Open Source Software Center

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