Hello, I've marked this patch as 'Ready for committer'.

> To be honest, I see no harm in changing the name as per your suggestion,
> as it can improve segment naming for dynamic shared memory segments,
> however there is no clear problem with current name as well, so I don't
> want to change in places this patch has no relation.

Okay, let's go with it as it is.

> I think best thing to do here is to put it as Notes To Committer, something
> like:
> Some suggestions for Committer to consider:
> "Change the name of dsm segments from .. to .."

> In general, what I see is that they consider all discussion in thread, but
> putting some special notes like above will reduce the chance of getting
> overlooked by them. I have done as a reviewer previously and it worked
> well.

Thank you for the sugestion.

> > However, it is a bit different thing from this patch so
> > I have no intention to compel to do the changing.
> Thanks to you for understanding my position.
> Thanks for reviewing the patch so carefully, especially Windows part
> which I think was bit tricky for you to setup.

It's my presure and I learned a lot.


Kyotaro Horiguchi
NTT Open Source Software Center

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