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prepared to declare the entire damn thing no longer supported.
Although that is obviously your prerogative it is important to remember
that Windows is easily the second most used version of PostgreSQL out
there (behind Linux).
[ shrug... ]  If it's so widely used, why is it so hard to find somebody
who's willing to put in some development effort for it?

Because Windows developers get paid and have better things to do than interact with a bunch of Open Source people and their opinions. Let's be honest, all of us here are not the easiest to work with and we are here largely due to an ideology. Why would a Windows developer bother?

I know lots of Windows Developers and most of them don't follow anywhere near the ideology we do. I know very few (read 0) Windows developers that do it for fun (I am not saying they don't have fun. I am saying they don't do it for fun). They do it for their career.

Heck, look back through the years at our archives. Nobody really thought that we would somehow bring windows developers into the fold if we ported to that platform. It was a market share play and it worked. However, now we are paying the price for it.

To be perfectly frank, the first thing I do when a customer calls and says we are on Windows is tell them I will spend our relationship pushing them to move PostgreSQL to Linux. It works over time for the most part but not on all.


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