On 02/05/2014 03:45 PM, Merlin Moncure wrote:
On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 2:37 PM, Andrew Dunstan <and...@dunslane.net> wrote:
The time for this discussion was months ago. I would not have spent many
many hours of my time if I thought it was going to be thrown away. I find
this attitude puzzling, to say the least. You were a major part of the
discussion when we said "OK, we'll leave json as it is (text based) and add
jsonb." That's exactly what we're doing.
certainly. I'll shut my yap; I understand your puzzlement.  At the
time though, I had assumed the API was going to incorporate more of
the hstore feature set than it did.

And we will. Specifically the indexing ops I mentioned upthread. We've got done as much as could be done this cycle. That's how Postgres development works.

One of the major complaints about json in 9.3 is that almost all the functions and operators involve reparsing the json. The equivalent operations for jsonb do not, and should accordingly be significantly faster. That's what I have been spending my time on. I don't think that's an inconsiderable advance.



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