On 2014-01-28 07:10:45 Heikki Linnakangas <hlinnakan...@vmware.com> wrote:
> On 01/27/2014 11:36 PM, Murtuza Mukadam wrote:
>> Hello All,
>>                We have linked peer review discussions on
>> 'pgsql-hackers' to their respective commits within the main
>> postgresql.git repository. You can view the linked reviews from 2012
>> until present in the GitHub repo at
>> https://github.com/mmukadam/postgres/tree/review
> I don't understand what this does. The repository at
> https://github.com/mmukadam/postgres looks like just a clone of the main
> PostgreSQL repository, with no extra links anywhere. And the repository at
> https://github.com/mmukadam/postgres/tree/review looks like a mailing list
> archive turned into a git repository, but I don't see any links to the
> commits in the main repository there.
> Am I missing something?

If you want to search for the reviews related to a commit, you can
type in the full hash code here:

or append the commit hash to the following url:


It's a bit hard to view the reviews on GitHub because the 'review' branch was
designed to be viewed on the command line using a set of simple scripts that
sit on top of the standard git commands.
For example,

to view all reviews Heikki is involved in you can do: git review
--log-reviewer heikki

to view the reviews of particular commit: git review --log

You can also create new reviews on a commit and mail them as well as
import reviews from email.

The tool is beta, but it just creates a detached review branch, so it
won't affect master. To remove it all you do is delete the scripts and
the 'review' branch. More info available here:

Online man page: http://users.encs.concordia.ca/~m_mukada/git-review.html

Tutorial: http://users.encs.concordia.ca/~m_mukada/git-review-tutorial.html



PS this is part of Murtuza's thesis, so any feedback is appreciated.
If you'd like us to extract reviews from another mailing list or repo,
please let us know

Example output:

git review --log-reviewer heikki

Review: adfe85d4dd1844c1f09401d2d970f564d0dac61d
Commit Reviewed: 593a9631a7947ab95903e87e24786d7e469cc988
Author:     Tom Lane <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us>
AuthorDate: Tue Feb 21 15:03:36 2012 -0500
Reviewer:   Heikki Linnakangas hlinnakan...@vmware.com <hlinnakan...@vmware.com>
ReviewDate: Mon Jan 27 16:34:44 2014 +0200

    Re: Race condition in b-tree page deletion

Review: e7bfe4323d2b83605df83174f11785c117ad3a53
Commit Reviewed: 56a57473a999b0497e63bde3e303beda5a3c0ff3
Author:     Tom Lane <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us>
AuthorDate: Sat Jan 8 14:47:13 2011 -0500
Reviewer:   Heikki Linnakangas hlinnakan...@vmware.com <hlinnakan...@vmware.com>
ReviewDate: Sat Jan 25 23:21:20 2014 +0200

    Re: GIN improvements part2: fast scan


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