Philip Warner wrote:
> At 09:42 AM 2/10/2002 +1000, Philip Warner wrote:
> >Yes, and do the peripheral stuff to support old archives etc.
> Does silence mean people agree? Does it also mean someone is doing this 
> (eg. whoever did the off_t support)? Or does it mean somebody else needs to 
> do it?

Added to open items:

        Fix pg_dump to handle 64-bit off_t offsets for custom format

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Source Code Changes
Schema handling - ready? interfaces? client apps?
Drop column handling - ready for all clients, apps?
Fix BeOS, QNX4 ports
Fix AIX large file compile failure of 2002-09-11 (Andreas)
Get bison upgrade on for ecpg only (Marc)
Fix vacuum btree bug (Tom)
Fix client apps for autocommit = off
Change log_min_error_statement to be off by default (Gavin)
Fix return tuple counts/oid/tag for rules, SPI
Add schema dump option to pg_dump
Make SET not start a transaction with autocommit off, document it
Remove GRANT EXECUTE to all /contrib functions?
Change NUMERIC to have 16 digit precision
Handle CREATE CONSTRAINT TRIGGER without FROM in loads from old db's
Fix pg_dump to handle 64-bit off_t offsets for custom format

On Going
Security audit

Documentation Changes
Document need to add permissions to loaded functions and languages
Move documation to gborg for moved projects

WAL checkpoint
Linux mktime()

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