Tom Lane wrote:
> Philip Warner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Is it my imagination, or is there a problem with the way pg_dump uses off_t 
> > etc. My understanding is that off_t may be 64 bits on systems with 32 bit 
> > ints. But it looks like pg_dump writes them as 4 byte values in all cases. 
> > It also reads them as 4 byte values. Does this seem like a problem to 
> > anybody else?
> Yes, it does --- the implication is that the custom format, at least,
> can't support dumps > 4Gb.  What exactly is pg_dump writing off_t's
> into files for; maybe there's not really a problem?
> If there is a problem, seems like we'd better fix it.  Perhaps there
> needs to be something in the header to tell the reader the sizeof
> off_t.

BSD/OS has 64-bit off_t's so it does support large files.  Is there
something I can test?

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