On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 06:37:42PM -0500, Tom Lane wrote:
> Emre Hasegeli <e...@hasegeli.com> writes:
> > [ cites bug #5705 ]
> Hm.  I had forgotten how thoroughly broken btree_gist's inet and cidr
> opclasses are.  There was discussion at the time of just ripping them
> out despite the compatibility hit.  We didn't do it, but if we had
> then life would be simpler now.
> Perhaps it would be acceptable to drop the btree_gist implementation
> and teach pg_upgrade to refuse to upgrade if the old database contains
> any such indexes.  I'm not sure that solves the problem, though, because
> I think pg_upgrade will still fail if the opclass is in the old database
> even though unused (because you'll get the complaint about multiple
> default opclasses anyway).  The only simple way to avoid that is to not
> have btree_gist loaded at all in the old DB, and I doubt that's an
> acceptable upgrade restriction.  It would require dropping indexes of
> the other types supported by btree_gist, which would be a pretty hard
> sell since those aren't broken.
> Really what we'd need here is for btree_gist to be upgraded to a version
> that doesn't define gist_inet_ops (or at least doesn't mark it as default)
> *before* pg_upgrading to a server version containing the proposed new
> implementation.  Not sure how workable that is.  Could we get away with
> having pg_upgrade unset the default flag in the old database?
> (Ick, but there are no very good alternatives here ...)

pg_upgrade has _never_ modified the old cluster, and I am hesitant to do
that now.  Can we make the changes in the new cluster, or in pg_dump
when in binary upgrade mode?

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