On 02/25/2014 08:53 PM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:

On the
other hand, we evidently have got precious little other buildfarm
coverage of the convert() family of functions, so maybe removing
this test altogether wouldn't be the best thing either.
We do have precious little testing on encodings and conversions, yes.
The problem is how to test these things without having the tests fail
when any particular encoding is not installed in the test system.

Maybe we can use the Perl test rig for this too: Peter said that if a
test requires something not installed, the test is skipped without
causing a failure.  It seems to me that we could take advantage that so
that each member tests whatever involves only the encodings it has
installed; while each individual member would skip a large percentage of
tests, the buildfarm as a whole would be testing a sizable portion, if
not all of it.

It should be easy (at least on *nix) for the buildfarm client to check what encodings are installed on the machine and run tests accordingly. I haven't been following closely, but if someone provides me with a simple spec I'll try to code it up. We're about due for a release anyway.



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