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> KaiGai,
> * Kohei KaiGai (kai...@kaigai.gr.jp) wrote:
>> BTW, this kind of discussion looks like a talk with a ghost because
>> we cannot see the new interface according to the parallel execution
>> right now, so we cannot have tangible investigation whether it becomes
>> really serious backward incompatibility, or not.
> Yeah, it would certainly be nice if we had all of the answers up-front.
> What I keep hoping for is that someone who has been working on this area
> (eg: Robert) would speak up...
I'd also like to see his opinion.

>> My bet is minor one. I cannot imagine plan-node interface that does
>> not support existing non-parallel SeqScan or NestLoop and so on.
> Sure you can- because once we change the interface, we're probably going
> to go through and make everything use the new one rather than have to
> special-case things.  That's more-or-less exactly my point here because
> having an external hook like CustomScan would make that kind of
> wholesale change more difficult.
I think, we should follow the general rule in case of custom-scan also.
In other words, it's responsibility of extension's author to follow up the
latest specification of interfaces.
For example, I have an extension module that is unable to work on the
latest PG- code because of interface changes at ProcessUtility_hook.
Is it a matter of backward incompatibility? Definitely, no. It should be
my job.

> That does *not* mean I'm against using GPUs and GPU optimizations.  What
> it means is that I'd rather see that done in core, which would allow us
> to simply change that interface along with the rest when doing wholesale
> changes and not have to worry about backwards compatibility and breaking
> other people's code.
I also have to introduce a previous background discussion.
Now we have two options for GPU programming: CUDA or OpenCL.
Both of libraries and drivers are provided under the proprietary license,
so it does not fit for the core implementation of PostgreSQL, but
extensions that shall be installed on user's responsibility.
Because of the story, I brought up a discussion about pluggable
planner/executor node (as a basis of GPU acceleration) in the last
developer meeting, then has worked for custom-scan node interface.

KaiGai Kohei <kai...@kaigai.gr.jp>

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