On 03/02/2014 01:27 PM, Tom Lane wrote:

Also, to what extent does any of this affect buildfarm animals?  Whatever
we do for "make check" will presumably make those tests safe for them,
but how are the postmasters they test under "make installcheck" set up?

Nothing special.

   "bin/initdb" -U buildfarm --locale=$locale data-$locale
   "bin/pg_ctl" -D data-$locale -l logfile -w start

We have wide control over what's done, just let me know what's wanted. For example, it would be pretty simple to make it use a non-standard socket directory and turn tcp connections off on Unix, or to set up password auth for that matter, assuming we already have a strong password.

I generally assume that people aren't running buildfarm animals on general purpose multi-user machines, but it might be as well to take precautions.



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