From: "Amit Kapila" <>
If I understand correctly that objection was on changing Default Event
Source name, and the patch now doesn't contain that change, it's
just a bug fix for letting pg_ctl know the non-default event source
set by user.

Please clarify if I misunderstood something, else this should be changed
to Ready For Committer.

Tom/Andres, please let me know if you have objection for this patch, because
as per my understanding all the objectionable part of patch is removed
from final
patch and it's a defect fix to make pg_ctl aware of Event Source name set in

If there is no objection, I will again change it to Ready For Committer.

Hi, Amit-san, I really appreciate your cooperation. Yes, I removed the default value change that caused objection, so the patch can be marked ready for committer. I understand the patch was marked needs for review by misunderstanding Tom-san's opinion.

I remember that I read "silence means no objection, or implicit agreement" somewhere in the community site or ML. So I think it would be no problem to set the status to ready for committer again.


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