From: "Alvaro Herrera" <>
MauMau escribió:
Do you know how I can reply to an email which was deleted locally?
I thought I could download an old mail by clicking "raw" link and
import it to the mailer.  However, it requires username/password
input, and it seems to be different from the one for editing
CommitFest.  I couldn't find how to authenticate myself.

The box that asks for password tells you what the user/password is.  I
think it's something like archives/archives or similar.  The password is
there only to keep spammers out, not to have any real auth.

Thank you, the user/password was certainly displayed in the box -- archives/antispam. The "raw" link only gave the mail in text format. I hoped to import the mail into Windows Mail on Windows Vista, but I couldn't.


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