From: "Tom Lane" <>
That, more or less.  There is exactly zero provision in the Postgres
code for multiple threads to exist inside a backend process.  It's
possible that PL/Java manages to completely insulate the Java world
from the C world, so that the C code never sees more than one thread.
But any leakage at all in that abstraction is probably going to cause
bugs; and as I said, we (PG hackers) are not going to consider such
bugs to be our problem.

On platforms where the standard libc supports threading (which is most,
these days), I'd be particularly worried about leakage along the path
java -> libc -> postgres.  If libc becomes aware that there are multiple
threads executing inside the process, it's likely to change behaviors.

I see... even Tom-san is suspicious about the PL/Java's design, or the use of SPI from code linked with I'll communicate this to the PL/Java community.


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