On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 4:43 PM, Tom Lane <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us> wrote:
> Whilst setting up a buildfarm member on an old, now-spare Mac, I was
> somewhat astonished to discover that contrib/test_shm_mq crashes thus:
> TRAP: FailedAssertion("!(rb >= sizeof(uint64))", File: "shm_mq.c", Line: 429)
> but only in UTF8 locales, not in C locale.  You'd have bet your last
> dollar that that code was locale-independent, right?
> The reason appears to be that in the payload string generated with
> (select string_agg(chr(32+(random()*96)::int), '') from 
> generate_series(1,400))
> the chr() argument rounds up to 128 every so often.  In UTF8 encoding,
> that causes chr() to return a multibyte character instead of a single
> byte.  So, instead of always having a fixed payload string length of
> 400 bytes, the payload length moves around a bit --- in a few trials
> I see anywhere from 400 to 409 bytes.
> How is that leading to a crash?  Well, this machine is 32-bit, so MAXALIGN
> is only 4.  This means it is possible for an odd-length message cum
> message length word to not exactly divide the size of the shared memory
> ring buffer, resulting in cases where an 8-byte message length word is
> wrapped around the end of the buffer.  shm_mq_receive_bytes makes no
> attempt to hide that situation from its caller, and happily returns just
> 4 bytes with SHM_MQ_SUCCESS.  shm_mq_receive, on the other hand, is so
> confident that it will always get an indivisible length word that it just
> Asserts that that's the case.

Argh.  I think I forced the size of the buffer to be MAXALIGN'd, but
what it really needs is to be a multiple of the size of uint64.

> Recommendations:
> 1. Reduce the random() multiplier from 96 to 95.  In multibyte encodings
> other than UTF8, chr() would flat out reject values of 128, so this test
> case is unportable.


> 2. Why in the world is the test case testing exactly one message length
> that happens to be a multiple of 8?  Put some randomness into that,
> instead.

Good idea.  I think that started out as a performance test rather than
an integrity test, and I didn't think hard enough when revising it
about what would make a good integrity test.

> 3. Either you need to work a bit harder at forcing alignment, or you need
> to fix shm_mq_receive to cope with split message length words.

The first one is what is intended.  I will look at it.

> 4. The header comment for shm_mq_receive_bytes may once have described its
> API accurately, but that appears to have been a long long time ago in a
> galaxy far far away.  Please fix.

Ugh, looks like I forgot to update that when I introduced the
shm_mq_result return type.

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