>Can anybody please tell me in detail.(Not just a pointing towards TODO items)
>1) What a table space supposed to offer?

They allow you to define a maximum amount of storage for a certain set 
of data.
They help you to define the location of data.
They help you to define how much data can be used by which ressource.

>2) What a directory structure does not offer that table space does?

You need to the command line in order to manage quotas - you might not 
want that.
Quotas are handled differently on ever platform (if available).
With tablespaces you can assign 30mb to use a, 120mb to user b etc. ...
Table spaces are a nice abstraction layer to the file system.

>3) How do they compare for advantages/disadvantages..
>Oracle familiarity is out. That's not even close to being good merit IMO. If 
>postgresql moves to oracle way of doing things, .. well, I won't be as much 
>hapy as I am now..
>Thanks for your patience..

how would you handle table spaces? just propose it to the hackers' list ...
we should definitely discuss that ...
a bad implementation of table spaces would be painful ...


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