Jim Buttafuoco wrote:

>Is this NOT what I have been after for many months now.  I dropped the 
>tablespace/location idea before 7.2 because that
>didn't seem to be any interest.  Please see my past email's for the SQL commands and 
>on disk directory layout I have
>proposed.  I have a working 7.2 system with tablespaces/locations (what ever you want 
>to call them,  I like locations
>because tablespace are an Oracle thing).  I would like to get this code ported into 
>>=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Hans-J=FCrgen_Sch=F6nig?= <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>>how would you handle table spaces?
>>The plan that's been discussed simply defines a tablespace as being a
>>directory somewhere; physical storage of individual tables would remain
>>basically the same, one or more files under the containing directory.
>>The point of this being, of course, that the DBA could create the
>>tablespace directories on different partitions or volumes in order to
>>provide the behavior he wants.
>>In my mind this would be primarily a cleaner, more flexible
>>reimplementation of the existing "database location" feature.

wow :)
can we have the patch? i'd like to try it with my 7.2.2 :).
is it stable?

how did you implement it precisely? is it as you have proposed it?


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