Peter Eisentraut-2 wrote
> On Sat, 2014-03-15 at 20:55 -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
>> Our documentation claims that the minimum Python version for plpython
>> is 2.3.  However, an attempt to build with that on an old Mac yielded
>> a bunch of failures in the plpython_types regression test,
> It has frequently been the case that the last supported version does not
> fully pass the regression test, because of the overhead of maintaining
> variant files.  The last supported version is the one that compiles and
> works.  You will note that 2.2 no longer compiles.  (It also failed the
> regression tests for a while before it started not compiling.)
> Typically, versions fall out of support because we add new functionality
> that the old Python versions cannot support anymore.
>> all of the form
>> ! ERROR:  could not import a module for Decimal constructor
>> ! DETAIL:  ImportError: No module named decimal
> You can make this work by manually installing the decimal module
> (because it was not part of the core in Python 2.3).  Otherwise, this
> test result legitimately alerts you that some feature is not fully
> working and that you need to adjust your installation.

It would seem a single error (or warning, depending) like "Missing
Dependency" at the start and skipping all tests dependent on the error would
be cleaner.  So that if someone goes an blindly starts running a clean 2.3
regression test they are not drowned in a sea of errors and no clear
documentation as to why and how to resolve.

Now, odds are the assumption that Decimal is present is spread through the
code-base so maybe something less invasive?

David J.

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