21.03.2014 00:07, Josh Berkus пишет:
Per my comments on the GSOC app, it looks good, but I'd like to see some "stretch goals" if you are able to implement the new function before GSOC is over. For example, one thing which has been frequently requested is functions to display intervals in the unit of your choice ... for example, convert "1 day" to "14400 seconds". Pick some stretch goals which work for you ... but I'd like to see some.
I looked through TODO and found only 2 ideas with intervals:
1) Allow infinite intervals just like infinite timestamps
2) Have timestamp subtraction not call justify_hours() (formatting intervals with to_chars)
I want to add these ideas as stretch goals:
1) extract_total() - allows conversation of the interval to a total number of the user's desired unit
3) add function to allow the creation of timestamps using parameters
4) Add function to detect if an array is empty
Josh, what do you think about them?

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