On 03/20/2014 01:26 PM, Alexandr wrote:
> 21.03.2014 00:07, Josh Berkus пишет:
>> Per my comments on the GSOC app, it looks good, but I'd like to see
>> some "stretch goals" if you are able to implement the new function
>> before GSOC is over. For example, one thing which has been frequently
>> requested is functions to display intervals in the unit of your choice
>> ... for example, convert "1 day" to "14400 seconds". Pick some stretch
>> goals which work for you ... but I'd like to see some. 
> I looked through TODO and found only 2 ideas with intervals:
> 1) Allow infinite intervals just like infinite timestamps
> 2) Have timestamp subtraction not call justify_hours() (formatting
> intervals with to_chars)
> I want to add these ideas as stretch goals:
> 1) extract_total() - allows conversation of the interval to a total
> number of the user's desired unit
> 3) add function to allow the creation of timestamps using parameters
> 4) Add function to detect if an array is empty
> Josh, what do you think about them?

#2: I don't understand this one?

#3 is already a patch for version 9.4, but possibly you can
improve/expand it.

#4 has already been the subject of a LOT of debate, I think you don't
want to get into it.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL Experts Inc.

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