On 03/26/2014 11:37 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <and...@dunslane.net> writes:
It occurred to me after having to change I think 9 files to clean up a
small mess in the jsonb regression tests the other day that we might
usefully expose the inputdir and outputdir to psql as variables when
running pg_regress. Then we might be able to do thing like this, quite
independent of location:
     \set datafile :inputdir/data/mystuff.data
     COPY mytable FROM :'datafile';
If we could get rid of the run-time-generated-test-file facility
altogether, I could get excited about this; but just getting rid of
the COPY special cases isn't enough for that.  Looking at
convert_sourcefiles_in, it seems like we'd also need solutions for
these dynamic substitutions:

             replace_string(line, "@testtablespace@", testtablespace);
             replace_string(line, "@libdir@", dlpath);
             replace_string(line, "@DLSUFFIX@", DLSUFFIX);

At least this one seems rather difficult to fix in this fashion:

output/create_function_1.source:83:ERROR:  could not find function "nosuchsymbol" in file 

(I'm a bit inclined to think that we could dispense with @DLSUFFIX@
altogether; explicit use of the platform's library suffix has been
deprecated for at least a decade.  But the others are harder.)


Well, maybe we should change dfmgr.c to stop outputting the DLSUFFIX in its error message.

I haven't tried with the other two. I will when I get a spare moment.

But even if we find it too troublesome to get rid if the substitution part altogether, I think minimizing the need for it would still be worth doing. It would help extension authors, for example, who are most likely to want to use it to load data files for testing their extensions.



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