Am I to understand then that I should expect no error feedback if copy fails
because of something like attempting to insert alphabetic into a numeric?  

I apologize for my ignorance, but all my return codes were always successful
(PGRES_COMMAND_OK) even if nothing was copied due to garbage data.  Also,
calling PQgetResult never returned any information either because everything
was always PGRES_COMMAND_OK.  

If that's what is supposed to happen then I have completely missed the boat
and apologize for wasting everyone's time.  

The exact same garbage data test returned specific error related information
if the copy is done with the same sql query from the command line.  This is
what I was trying to get to happen with the embedded sql so that in the
event of bad data, you could stop and determine the source of the bad data,
and not go on assuming you were successfully copying only to find later that
1000 recs here and a 1000 records there were never inserted/copied and to
have no idea or log messages as to why.  

In a sense, I have made this work just fine.  It compiled, ran, and copied
data - as long as all the data was perfect.  I was trying set up error
handling to notify in case there was invalid data contained within the
records being copied.  

Again, I apologize if I was unclear and further apologize for irritating
everyone that has replied thus far.  Thank you all for your time and best
regards.  I am examining other ways to do mass inserts/writes that allow for
notification if some of the data contained within for some reason fails to
copy/insert so that the cause of the bad data can be examined and remedied
as soon as it occurs as well as writing the offending data to a log so that
not all of it is lost.  

Steve K.

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