I started with this:  


Due to a cut and paste error I was originally querying the wrong sequence
which led to me wondering why data wasn't in the table that the log reported
as having successfully been written.  After I fixed the sequence query error
and got done laughing at myself for being so ignorant I realized I better
see what happened if there was actually bad data and not just user

The data is in this log file excerpt.    raptor_efb2_excerpts.out
This excerpt is from a run that copied as expected with perfect data.  

The test was to modify line 36 in the code excerpt from: 
<<                               "|" << dataRec.getMinute()
<<                               "|" << dataRec.getMinute() << "a"

which put alphabetic data into the data which should have been rejected as
nonnumeric.  No error was raised and the log indicated that there should be
20 rows of data in the cpdlc table except there weren't.  

By the time I gave up on this I had so many friggin log statements in these
2 methods that there was more logging than actual useful code.  Results
never changed though.  No errors and no messages when I appended the "a"
onto numeric data destined for a numeric field.  This was naturally
unsettling so I turned to message boards to see if anyone had similar
experiences or knew a work around or better way.  I'm taking the time to
give you all this information because I want to learn from it despite the
potential for acute public embarassment.  Maybe others will get something
too.  It's how we all get ahead.  At any rate, thanks for your time and I
look forward to what you find.  

Steve K.   

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