What I understood from the Administrator's guide is:

  - Yes, PostgreSQL provides hot backup: it's the pg_dump utility. It'h hot because 
users can still be connected and work whil pg_dump is running ( though they will be 
slowed down). ( See Administrator's guide ch9)

 -  No, PostgreSQL does NOT provide a way to restore a database up to the last 
commited transaction, with a reapply of the WAL, as Oracle or SQL Server ( and others, 
I guess) do. That would be a VERY good feature. See Administrator's guide ch11

So, with Pg, if you backup your db every night with pg_dump, and your server crashes 
during the day, you will loose up to one day of work.

Am I true?


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>>> Neil Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 07/10/2002 19:48 >>>
"Sandeep Chadha" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Postgresql has been lacking this all along. I've installed postgres
> 7.3b2 and still don't see any archive's flushed to any other
> place. Please let me know how is hot backup procedure implemented in
> current 7.3 beta(2) release.

AFAIK no such hot backup feature has been implemented for 7.3 -- you
appear to have been misinformed.

That said, I agree that would be a good feature to have.



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