On Tue, Oct 08, 2002 at 12:35:22PM +0200, Erwan DUROSELLE wrote:
> What I understood from the Administrator's guide is:
>   - Yes, PostgreSQL provides hot backup: it's the pg_dump utility. It'h
> hot because users can still be connected and work whil pg_dump is running
> ( though they will be slowed down). ( See Administrator's guide ch9)


>  -  No, PostgreSQL does NOT provide a way to restore a database up to the
> last commited transaction, with a reapply of the WAL, as Oracle or SQL
> Server ( and others, I guess) do. That would be a VERY good feature. See
> Administrator's guide ch11

Umm, I thought the whole point of WAL was that if the database crashed, the
WAL would provide the info to replay to the last committed transaction.


... because we know that in the event of a crash we will be able to recover
the database using the log: ...

These docs seem to corrobrate this.

> So, with Pg, if you backup your db every night with pg_dump, and your
> server crashes during the day, you will loose up to one day of work.

I've never lost any data with postgres, even if it's crashed, even without

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