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> On Mon, 07 Oct 2002 15:07:29 +0530, "Shridhar Daithankar"
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> >Only worry is database size. Postgresql is 111GB v/s 87 GB for mysql.
> Shridhar,
> here is an implementation of a set of user types: char3, char4,
> char10.  Put the attached files into a new directory contrib/fixchar,
> make, make install, and run fixchar.sql through psql.  Then create
> your table as

I had a quick look in things. I think it's a great learning material for pg 

I have a suggestion. In README, it should be worth mentioning that, new types 
can be added just by changin Makefile. e.g. Changing line

OBJS = char3.o char4.o char10.o


OBJS = char3.o char4.o char5.o char10.o 

would add the datatype char5 as well. 

Obviously this is for those who might not take efforts to read the source. ( 
Personally I wouldn't have, had it been part of entire postgres source dump. 
Just would have done ./configure;make;make install)

Thanks for the solution. It wouldn't have occurred to me in ages to create a 
type for this. I guess that's partly because never used postgresql beyond 
select/insert/update/delete. Anyway should have been awake..

Thanks once again


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