On Wed, 09 Oct 2002 10:00:03 +0200, I wrote:
>here is an implementation of a set of user types: char3, char4,

New version available.  As I don't want to spam the list with various
versions until I get it right eventually, you can get it from
http://members.aon.at/pivot/pg/fixchar20021010.tgz if you are

What's new:

. README updated (per Shridhar's suggestion)
. doesn't crash on NULL (p. Tom)
. version-1 calling conventions (p. Tom)
. isCachable (p. Tom)
. works for 7.2 (as delivered) and for 7.3 (make for73)

Shridhar, you were concerned about signed/unsigned chars;  looking at
the code I can not see how this is a problem.  So no change in this

Thanks for your comments.  Have fun!


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