On 2014-04-07 13:01:52 -0400, Stephen Frost wrote:
> I haven't got any either (except for my little one), which frustrates
> me greatly.  Not because I'm looking for credit on the time that I've
> spent in discussions, doing reviews, and I could have sworn there was
> some patch that I did commit, but because I've not been able to find
> the larger chunks of time required to get the more complex patches in.

I am a bit confused. To my eyes there's been a huge number of actually
trivial patches in this commitfest? Even now, there's some:

* Bugfix for timeout in LDAP connection parameter resolution
* Problem with displaying "wide" tables in psql
* Add min, max, and stdev execute statement time in pg_stat_statement
* variant of regclass etc.
* vacuumdb: Add option --analyze-in-stages

Are all small patches that don't need major changes before getting committed.

That's after three months. And after a high number of smaller patches
committed by Tom on Friday.

> > When a committer says, hey, I'm going to commit XYZ, that
> > basically forces anybody who might have an objection to it to drop
> > what they're doing and object fast, before it's too late.  In other
> > words, the people who just said that they are too busy reviewing
> > patches that were timely submitted and don't want to divert effort
> > from that to handle patches that weren't are going to have to do that
> > anyway, or lose their right to object.
> I don't agree that this is the case.  We do revert patches from time to
> time, when necessary, and issues with this particular patch seem likely
> to be found during testing, well in advance of any release, and it's
> self contained enough to be reverted pretty easily.

Given the trackrecord with testing the project seems to have with
testing, I don't have much faith in that claim. But even if, it'll only
get you testing on 2-3 platforms, without noticing portability issues.

I think it'd be a different discussion if this where CF-1 or so. But
we're nearly *2* months after the the *end* of the last CF.


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