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> Both of the operator classes are actually much less flexible than I'd like.
> Firstly, they index everything. In many cases, that's not what you want, so
> you end up with much larger indexes than necessary. Secondly, jsonb_ops
> indexes all values separately from the keys. That makes the index pretty
> much useless for a query on, say, WHERE json @> '{"needs_processing":true}',
> if all the rows also contain a key-value pair "active":true. Thirdly,
> inequality operators are not supported; you can't search for rows with (the
> json-syntax equivalent of) "price < 12.3". Fourthly, sometimes you would
> want to include the "path" to an entry in the key, sometimes not.

Maybe we should make *neither* of these the default opclass, and give
*neither* the name json_ops.

> ISTM we need a way to parameterize opclasses, so that when you create the
> index, you specify the above things.

Yeah, that would be great.

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