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> > I'm pretty sure David Rowley did some benchmarking. The results should be
> > in this thread somewhere I think, but they currently evade me... Maybe
> David
> > can re-post, if he's following this...
> I saw benchmarks addressing window aggregation, but none looking for
> side-effects on plain aggregation.
These ones maybe?

I think it was only around SUM(numeric), and you'll need to scroll down a
bit to find it as it's mixed in with a load of window agg tests. At the
time it was the only forward transition function that I had added any
overhead to, so I think it was the only one I bothered to test at the time.
However, I do remember benchmarking the bool_and and bool_or changes after
I rewrote the way they worked and also found the same as you... no
difference, I just can't find the post with my results... Though it sounds
like Tom found the same as me so I don't think it's worth me looking any
more for them.


David Rowley

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