On Apr11, 2014, at 19:42 , Tom Lane <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us> wrote:
> Florian Pflug <f...@phlo.org> writes:
>> Yes, the idea had come up at some point during the review discussion. I
>> agree that it's only worthwhile if it works for state type internal - though
>> I think there ought to be a way to allow that. We could for example simply
>> decree that the initfunc's first parameter must be of type internal if it's
>> return type is, and then just pass NULL for that parameter.
> I had thought about that, but it doesn't really work since it'd be
> violating the strictness spec of the function.

Only if we insist on passing SQL NULL, not if we passed an non-NULL value
that happens to be (char*)0.

Or we could simply require the initfunc to be non-strict in the case of
state type internal.

best regards,
Florian Pflug

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