Thanks for your tests.

I've fixed problem with headers, but got new one with data.
I'll try to solve it tomorrow.

2014-04-10 18:45 GMT+04:00 Greg Stark <st...@mit.edu>:

> Ok, So I've hacked on this a bit. Below is a test case showing the
> problems I've found.
> 1) It isn't using the "newline" and "wrap" indicators or dividing lines.
> 2) The header is not being displayed properly when it contains a newline.
> I can hack in the newline and wrap indicators but the header
> formatting requires reworking the logic a bit. The header and data
> need to be stepped through in parallel rather than having a loop to
> handle the wrapping within the handling of a single line. I don't
> really have time for that today but if you can get to it that would be
> fine,

Best regards,
Sergey Muraviov

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