* Alfred Perlstein (alf...@freebsd.org) wrote:
> How high on the hierarchy of PostgreSQL's "needs" is making a single
> option a tunable versus compile time thing?  I mean seriously you
> mean to stick on this one point when one of your users are asking
> you about this?   That is pretty concerning to me.

Seriously, we do care that the system is easy to use for both admins and
end users and part of how we do that is by minimizing the number of
tunable options because they add to confusion and increase the
difficulty to manage the system- look at certain other $expensive
RDBMS's if you're unsure about that.

Far better is to work out the *correct* solution to a given problem
rather than punt'ing on it and asking the (almost uniformly
under-informed user) to tell us what to do.

And, yes, while we're interested in our user's input, we do not add new
configuration variables because one user asked us to.



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