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> I've discussed 2ndQuadrant's involvement in the AXLE project a few
> times publicly, but never on this mailing list. The project relates to
> innovation and improvement in Business Intelligence for systems based
> upon PostgreSQL in the range of 10-100TB.
> Our work will span the 9.5 and 9.6 cycles. We're looking to make
> measurable improvements in a number of cases; one of those is TPC-H,
> since its a publicly accessible benchmark, another is a more private
> benchmark on healthcare data. In brief, this means speeding up the
> performance of large queries, data loading and looking at very large
> systems issues.
> Some of areas of R&D are definitely on the roadmap, others are more
> flexible. Some of this is in progress, other stuff is not even at the
> design stage - yet, just a few paragraphs along the lines of "we will
> look at these topics". If we have room, its possible we may
> accommodate other topics; this is not carte blanche, but the reason
> for posting here is so people know we will take input, following the
> normal community process. Detailed in-person discussions at PGCon are
> expected and the Wiki pages will be updated for each aspect.
> BI-related Indexing
> * MinMax indexes
> * Bitmap indexes
> Large Systems
> * Freeze avoidance
> * Storage management issues for very large systems
> Storage Efficiency
> * Compression
> * Column Orientation
> Optimisation
> * Bulk loading speed improvements
> * Bulk FK evaluation
> * Executor tuning for very large queries
> Query tuning
> * Approximate queries, sampling
> * Materialized Views
> ...and possibly some other aspects.
> 2ndQuadrant is also assisting other researchers on GPU and FPGA
> topics, which may also yield work of interest to PostgreSQL project.
> Couple of points: The project is time limited, so if work gets pushed
> back beyond that then we'll lose the opportunity to contribute. Please
> support our work with timely objections, assistance in defining the
> path forwards and limiting the scope to something that avoids wasting
> this opportunity. Further funding is possible if we don't squander
> this. We are being funded to make best efforts to contribute to open
> source PostgreSQL, not pay-for-commit.
> AXLE is funded by the EU under FP7 Grant Agreement 318633.  Further
> details are available here http://www.axleproject.eu/
> (There are also other 2ndQuadrant development projects in progress,
> this is just one of the larger ones).
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