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On 04/22/2014 01:36 AM, Joshua D. Drake wrote:

On 04/21/2014 06:19 PM, Andrew Dunstan wrote:

If we never start we'll never get there.

I can think of several organizations that might be approached to donate

Like .Org?

We have a hardware farm, a rack full of hardware and spindles. It isn't the most current but it is there.

I'm going away tomorrow for a few days R&R. when I'm back next week I will set up a demo client running this module. If you can have a machine prepped for this purpose by then so much the better, otherwise I will have to drag out a box I recently rescued and have been waiting for something to use it with. It's more important that it's stable (i.e. nothing else running on it) than that it's very powerful. It could be running Ubuntu or some Redhattish variant or, yes, even FreeBSD.



Hey folks, I just spoke with our director of netops Tom Sparks here at Norse and we have a vested interest in Postgresql. We can throw together a cluster of 4 machines with specs approximately in the range of dual quad core westmere with ~64GB of ram running FreeBSD 10 or 11. We can also do an Ubungu install as well or other Linux distro. Please let me know if that this would be a something that the project could make use of please.

We also have colo space and power, etc. So this would be the whole deal. The cluster would be up for as long as needed.

Are the machine specs sufficient?  Any other things we should look for?

CC'd Tom on this email.


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